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Protect against variants and be a part of sustaining a reliable reopening.

Attract more people to your event.

Cultivate peace of mind for all.

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Attract your customer base back by offering a safer environment to clients.

Prevent closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Buy into a network of businesses contributing to an innovative, private sector solution. Be a part of creating a sustainable and reliable reopening.

With FreedomPäs, a safer reopening is a faster reopening

Using the FreedomPäs system you will catch presymptomatic cases, stop the spread and be a part of cultivating a sustainable reopening.

How it works.

FreedomPäs is a token based entry authorization system based on rapid testing. Tests are available at the door of FreedomPäs enabled businesses and events as well as available at local  FreedomPäs drop in test booths. Once a negative test is established you may gain a Päs. 

The Pas.

A päs can only be obtained by having a negative rapid test result. A päs will grant you entry into FreedomPäs enabled events and establishements. The päs last for 24 hours due to the incubation period of COVID-19 *this timeframe is mandated by public health*. 

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