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What test kits does FreedomPäs use?

For all operations FreedomPäs uses Panbio rapid antigen tests. Panbio is the first Health Canada approved rapid test for COVID-19. The test develops in 15 minutes.

Are the test kits free?

FreedomPäs for Business is currently working with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade to advocate to the Ministry of Health for rapid testing kits to be subsided for use on clients of business. The current contract that exists for the provincial antigen screening program restricts use of the tests to just employees of businesses.


FreedomPäs for Events will provide test kits at cost to clients. 

What is the benefit of rapid testing if I am already fully vaccinated?

Rapid testing is a great tool to end COVID-19, at FreedomPäs we feel as though this tool hasn't been implemented well enough. Rapid tests can help to eradicate COVID-19 through stopping the spread. Even if someone is fully vaccinated there is still a risk that they could contract the virus, although they are protected against the risks of the virus they could still pass it to someone who is not vaccinated. The more that COVID-19 spreads the more likely the virus is to mutate, leading to new varriants. Rapid testing is a simple, cheap and readily available tool that can be the catalyst to erradicating COVID-19 and FreedomPäs's goal is to implement widespread rapid testing starting with the people, Instead of implementing a government mandated program, we are generating awareness and demand through the private sector. 

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