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Sign up now to be a FreedomPäs registered business, and get our limited time offer startup price.


To register, contact:

The service

We want to make recovering from the pandemic as sustainable and as easy as possible. FreedomPäs provides the software, materials, support and training needed for small businesses to authorize their guests as covid negative through rapid testing. We train your employees and provide the software to facilitate communication of test results to clients to ease the process. 

The Network

We are building a network of businesses who are all contributing to an innovative, private sector solution to reopening and staying open. At FreedomPäs we wanted to create a system that would give vulnerable small businesses their power back, and FreedomPäs for business is exactly that.

Benefits and Value

With the FreedomPäs for business system you can market a safer environment for clients, this will attract you customer base back faster. Conducting rapid testing will also help to prevent closures due to COVID-19. Furthermore, by being appart of the FreedomPäs network you are helping to eradicate COVID-19.

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