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Full Service Rapid Testing for your Event.

Rapid testing can serve as a powerful tool in our reopening plan, acting as a catalyst to allow our communities to safely reopen and stay open.

Cultivate peace of mind for your guests.
Keep friends, family and guests safe.
Attract more people to your event.

Why use rapid testing?

Implementing rapid testing into our reopening plan bridges the gap between today and when our entire population is fully vaccinated, and when life can fully return to normal.

Rapid testing serves as a security blanket to catch asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases before they spread, it is an important tool in ending COVID-19. Vaccination is always the number one way to protect against COVID-19, but as we have observed in Australia and the UK, upon reopening, cases tend to rise. Those who are vaccinated are more protected but could still pass the virus onto those who are not yet fully vaccinated or those who are ineligible for the vaccine. The more bodies the virus inhabits the more potential there is for mutations, resulting in new variants. Rapid testing is a way to stop the spread before it starts and maintain our progress in the fight against COVID-19.

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